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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sarcoidosis Diet Plan- Food Items We Should Avoid During Sarcoidosis

Following the right sarcoidosis diet plan is vital to lessen the risk of chronic inflammation and ease sarcoidosis symptoms, so knowing which food items we should avoid during sarcoidosis is key.

With present day tendencies towards fast food due to the frantic lifestyle that many people lead, it is not surprising that inflammatory diseases are increasing, providing as people do, the environment in which they will flourish.

In order to reverse this trend, lifestyle, as well as diet changes would be the ideal way to return to good shape. Lifestyle changes could be as simple as relaxation, or the not so simple stopping smoking! Much easier would be to make diet changes.

Foods to avoid include:

Red meat

• Full fat cheeses

Trans fatty acids

• Deep fried foods

Sugar products

• White flour

Excessive alcohol

Making these changes to diet and lifestyle is so much more preferable to drugs, which of course may help in the short term to alleviate the symptoms, but are extremely dangerous with prolonged use.

The best option is prevention by majoring on these diet changes, focussing on the food items we should avoid during sarcoidosis.

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  1. I'm scared I done had 6 heart attacks and 1cardiac arrest only to find out I have a rare disease ..I have 8 kids and I don't want to die on them all I do is cry because I'm scared to go to sleep at night..